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Product Design

Whether you’re rolling up your sleeves on a new product design concept or adding some pizazz to an existing range, Colorway frees you up to concentrate on the creative. With Colorway, you can quickly iterate on looks, explore different color combinations, save and manage any number of variations and convincingly communicate your ideas—all without time-consuming re-rendering. Someone made a change to the 3D render? Swapped out a master color palette? Modified a texture map? No problem—your Colorway project will automatically pick up the updated files, and all it takes is a couple of clicks to re-export all of your variations.

“Colorway allows you to see the materialization of the product—is it leather, where are the decals—instead of looking at line art and doing all the guesswork of what you think this product is going to be. Colorway speeds up your workflow dramatically, creating a single render and allowing you to iterate through multiple designs and styles without having to do more rendering. This allows us to go to our digital team or our web team, create dynamic content and get real-time feedback. It’s amazing!” Seth Richardson, Lead 3D Artist, Skullcandy

Packaging Design

As a designer, helping create an awesome packaging range is the fun part. Trudging your way through a myriad of variations—well, maybe not so much. But with Colorway, the whole process becomes a breeze. Come on into the playground. Enjoy the freedom to explore a world of creative options. Go ahead, proliferate your ideas! And once your design is approved, step through variations in text, color and textures with a single click. Save any number of variations without the need to re-render. Need to add another product option or another language, or change an existing element? With Colorway, you’ll be done in minutes.

“Packaging allows effective communication between consumers and brand owners through graphics, colors, images, product information and logos. At Trident, our artists create the graphics, 3D visuals and animation that ensure the world’s top brands grab the consumer’s attention both before and at the point of purchase. We are always looking for ways to innovate and for new possibilities. The simple creation of color variants in Colorway will really make the design workflow more efficient. Our artists are excited about the ability to manage multiple renders and edits and control them at the same time.” David Keel, co-founder and global innovations director, Trident

The Colorway advantage

Colorway’s unique feature set is designed to take the drudgery out of all aspects of creating and managing artwork variations—saving significant amounts of time, reducing the potential for errors and letting you concentrate on refining your design’s aesthetics. With the power to iterate freely and make changes right up to the last minute, you can explore more options and ultimately arrive at better decisions. And since your ideas are communicated with the benefit of true 3D lighting, shading, materials and depth of field, you’ll have the confidence that your stakeholders fully appreciate your intentions.




With LiveSources, any element you use within your layout—3D model, 2D image, vector artwork or color palette—is not just a single file, but as many different files as you like. You simply add the alternatives to the same folder, and then you can switch between them with a single click. LiveSources also let you work in parallel with other team members: color designers can focus on look development while the 3D team continues to update the form, materials and lighting, and art directors tweak or swap images and texture maps. Your Colorway file will always represent the most up-to-date revision of the project.


Dynamic Text

Want to get started with your design or artwork, but Marketing and Legal are still arguing about the copy? Product Management hasn’t yet nailed down the tech specs? With text attached as a LiveSource, you can go ahead and refine your layout, then update your copy at any time simply by changing a text file—all of your creative decisions will remain intact. What’s more, if the same text is used over multiple outputs, you just need to make a single update and all of your projects will reflect the change. With Colorway, copy is no longer a bottleneck to the design process, so you can beat that deadline.


Palette creation and management

Colorway makes it easy to create and manage color palettes. Build palettes from scratch using a swatch system or traditional color sliders; you can search visually or by name, or enter a precise numeric color value. You can also browse from collections of palettes already stored in your file system, and since palettes can be attached as LiveSources, you can easily update colors across multiple projects by making a change in a single place. Save, swap and share your palettes with other users; quickly experiment with different looks; and step through your variations with a single click.


Colorway Asset

Welcome to a whole new way to color your world! With Colorway Assets, you can change the colors, textures and lighting on your MODO or CINEMA 4D 3D models without 3D expertise, and without the need to re-render. See your changes in real time, either fully-shaded or flat-shaded, and save out the variations you like. The fully-shaded versions are great for communicating your ideas, while the flat-shaded ones are perfect for use in tech packs—no need to redraw the asset in 2D every time there’s a geometry change! And you can even export your created variations back to the 3D application for further editing if required.

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.8 "Mountain Lion" 64-bit, or above
  • Windows 7 64-bit (SP 1), or above*
  • Graphics card with OpenGL 3.2 and 1 GB RAM GPU
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 2 GB of Hard Drive space


Colorway is currently available to try for free until 12 January 2016. From that date you will be able to purchase Colorway on subscription for the prices below.

Per month

  • $30
  • £20
  • €27

Per year

  • $300
  • £200
  • €270



Can I try Colorway for free?

Yes. Colorway is entirely free for you to try until 12 January 2016, at which point it will be available to purchase on subscription.

I've been using Colorway 1.X. How do I get the new version?

Just select Try it now to log in and download.

Can I continue to use Colorway 1.X?

Your Colorway 1.X license will expire on 12 January 2016. We recommend you switch to the new Colorway as soon as possible to take advantage of the free trial period.

What's different about this version of Colorway?

Lots! Colorway now allows you to lay out multiple Colorway Assets in the same document, add text and images, create and manage entire palettes of colors and keep every element you use up to date at all times. Plus you can have alternative versions of any element and easily step through them to create variations.

Licensing & installation

How is Colorway licensed?

Colorway will be available on subscription only, with a choice of monthly or yearly options. See the Pricing section above for details.

Is the license permanent or will it time out at any point?

Licenses will be valid for the purchased period only, but will automatically renew unless you cancel your subscription.

Are there floating and node-locked versions? How will each work?

Subscription licenses are tied to your The Foundry account as opposed to a single machine.

How many machines can a license be used on?

Subscription licenses can be used on one machine at a time, but you can quickly and easily deauthorise one machine and authorise another to effectively transfer the license between as many machines as you like.

Is there an Education license available?

Not currently.

How does the Colorway installer work?

Just like other The Foundry products, download the installer, double-click to run it and follow the instructions to install the application.

How do I get access to the latest builds?

To access the latest builds, log in to your The Foundry account and visit the downloads page.


Where do I go for support on Colorway?

Visit the Colorway section of the Community forums. Users and developers regularly read it, so feel free to ask questions.

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